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At the "Heart" of Fieldstone Show Park: Annalise Manoog

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Annalise Manoog and Carollo won the 2020 ASPCA Maclay Region 1 Final at Fieldstone Show Park. The Region 1 Final returns to Fieldstone in 2021.

When Annalise “Ally” Manoog was announced as the winner of the Region 1 Maclay Regional Final last September, it brought the talented 16-year-old full circle.

It was fitting for the victory to come at Fieldstone Show Park, the first “big” show venue she’d ever attended when she was eight years old. Six years later, she won her first medal final at Fieldstone, topping the Mass Hunter Jumper Finals in 2018. And Grazing Fields Farm, where she has trained under the tutelage of Kathy Fletcher for the last seven years, is just 25 minutes down the road.

“Fieldstone will always hold a special place in my heart,” Manoog said. “I have so many great memories there with friends, trainers, and memorable classes. Being there feels so special, even though it’s pretty close to home. It’s a new adventure going out there every day, and it was really special to wrap up the season again there and bring home another win at that venue.”

The Region 1 Maclay Finals, typically held in New York, moved to Fieldstone in 2020 following the cancellation of many competitions in the northeast due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Fieldstone management was instrumental in getting outdoor equestrian events approved to run under Massachusetts' Phase 2 reopening in late June, and as a result, several events relocated to the venue, including Regionals, the New England Equitation Championships, and the Massachusetts Horsemen's Council Days of Champions. Regionals will return in 2021 as a part of the North East Classic, one of eight USEF nationally-rated hunter-jumper competitions on the venue’s 2021 show calendar.

For Manoog, both the move and the number of competitions at the venue provided a big confidence boost, getting her more time in the ring—aboard a variety of horses—as well as the chance to contest a major equitation final in a most familiar setting. When it came time to perform in a high pressure situation aboard her longtime mount Carollo, she executed her plan to perfection.

“It was an awesome experience,” Manoog recalled. “I’d done regionals twice already when it was at Old Salem, and it just hadn’t worked out for me. I was just going in this year hoping to have a good round. I wanted to do well, and I was really excited about the venue, because I was familiar with it, my horse was familiar with it, and we had been showing there all summer with other venues closed. I was confident going in and so happy when we won.”

Manoog is just one in a long list of riders whose victories at Fieldstone have propelled them to the national stage. Manoog contested the North American Junior Equitation Championships, the USEF Hunter Seat Medal Final, and the ASPCA Maclay National Championship in 2020, with bigger goals for this year, including defending her Regional title and aiming for a ribbon in a national equitation final. Also circled on her calendar are the dates at Fieldstone.

“The show speaks for itself. It’s gorgeous,” Manoog said. “It’s a great show for everyone [at Grazing Fields] to get back in the ring or wrap up a season.”

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