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Purina and Hanson Grain Join Fieldstone Show Park as a Weekly Title Partner

Halifax, MA. – April 23, – Fieldstone Show Park is proud to announce the continuation and expansion of the long standing relationship with Purina and Hanson Grain.

Hanson Grain is one of the top suppliers of Purina feed in the New England region and has been supplying Fieldstone Show Park for the better part of the last decade. With a large array of products and feed options, Hanson Grain truly lives up to their goal of helping keep all your animals healthy and happy.

Purina is one of the largest if not the largest producers of equine feed and nutrition in the United States. With products that have become a staple in equine nutritional diets such as Equine Senior®, Ultium®, Outlast®, to name a few, Purina has also provided an immeasurable amount of knowledge and research into understanding what your horse needs to perform at its' best.

With the combined support and knowledge of Purina and Hanson Grain, Fieldstone Show Park can truly excel in providing all our exhibitors with the highest quality equine feed and nutrition.

In addition to being the official feed supplier of Fieldstone Show Park, Purina and Hanson Grain are also joining Fieldstone this year as a Weekly Title Sponsor for the Plymouth Rock Hunter Jumper Classic II June 29th - July 3rd. The name of that show will now officially be:

"The Plymouth Rock Hunter Jumper Classic II presented by Purina/Hanson Grain."

To commemorate this distinction Purina, Hanson Grain and Fieldstone Show Park have developed an incredible initiative to move beyond the show grounds... More details are to come so stay tuned!

If you are attending any of the Fieldstone Show Park events this 2021 season you can now easily place your Feed and Grain Orders through our website.

Click here to order feed/grain with Purina and Hanson Grain.

You can also access the Grain Order form by locating the Order Grain button in the top left hand corner of the menu bar of the website. If you have any questions in regards to Purina and Hanson Grain please contact Jennifer and she will reach out to you via text or call.

If you need to reach Jennifer

Cell: 774-274-2096



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