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Equestrian Industry

The United States Equestrian Industry has a yearly impact of $102 Billion, of which $17.83 Billion is contributed by English Competition disciplines. In addition, the US Equestrian industry has over 7 million individuals who participate in equine comptition, 3.6 million of which are focused towards the English disciplines.


Average Income: $185,000

38% Net Worth > $500,000

22% Own Two or More Homes

40% Live on A Farm

66% of Those Farms are 10+ Acres

Average Home Value is $594k


Average 30 Nights per Year in Hotel

43% Fly 16 Flights per Year

97.3% Have 2+ Credit Cards

Average Equestrian Owns 3+ Vehicles

53% Own a Pick Up Truck

Decision Makers

80% Make Purchase Decisions

63% Traded Equities in 2019

85% Female

66% Have College Degrees

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